Sunday, May 20, 2007

Alex Jones and his new age beliefs

Alex Jones seems to be in lock step with David Lunch. David is a "New Age" believing man. You can google David Lunch and see for yourself.
As a Christian the new age teachings are not acceptable to our bible. Now Alex says he is a Christian BUT his fruits show he is not.
A Christian could never believe in reincarnation as Alex seems to believe. The song that he plays often called the Highwaymen is all about reincarnation from line one to the end of the song.
Alex says he reads the bible and he knows what the bible says. I disagree with what Alex claims. Anyone who is grounded in the bible would never do what Alex Jones does.
Alex Jones has good information but then so do dozens of people. I chose to listen to Alex now I can see why I chose to listen to him. It must be so I could hear for myself what he believes about the Christian belief. Any one can claim to be a Christian and many millions do just this. BUT the proof is what the person actually believes according to the bible. Not to what the world believes but to what the bible says we should believe. The Scripture says that the devils believe and tremble so should we not weigh what anyone says the believe. This is what separates us from the worldly people.
This will ONLY make sense to the person who is a Christian. The worldly people could care less what God says much less what I say. I ask you who say you are Christians to listen carefully to Alex and then do what I did which was to write Alex and warn him about the new age beliefs he has. My e mails never got read OR was read and ignored.
Yes we all hate what is going on with the children by the globalist. Yes we all hate what the globalist are doing to man kind BUT for the Christian we know that things will get worse and worse NEVER better. Gods prophecy will be fulfilled whether we are ready for it to be fulfilled or not.
I think Alex has the perfect chance to warn people to get ready spiritually because of what is coming our way. But instead Alex is scaring people to death.
Pray for Alex Jones that he will come to know Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and that he will warn people while he has the chance. The biggest part of Alex audience probably are not Christian for reason this Alex could reach thousands of people who will spend all eternity separated from God.
I know for a fact that I can not do much to reach people but for those people who claim to be Christian they have the chance of a life time.
We all know that it will not be long before the Internet and radio shows who get some truth out will be shut down. So why not do all we can not to reach the Unsaved people of the world.
Alex is saying as I listen to him "this is the time right now" he mentions all the tings that are going on in the new world order. Yet Alex has NO clue that all these things MUST take place for Gods` prophecy to be fulfilled.
How sad but we as Christians know what to look for . We will pray and wait. We will do all we can to reach the people who do not know God.


Susan said...

I agree with you, Mary, these things must come to pass, and the things we are going to suffer, will be as the Lord ordained them to be, He is ever with us, and won't forsake us even in the midst of our suffering, He will be there to strengthen us if we look to Him, and this time that we are to suffer will only sweeten for us, the time that we will see Him, when the time comes for Him to return to us in His glory!!!

BELLA said...

This is really interesting.. i was thinking about doing a little look into what people had on him and its most probably right :) its helped me see something thanks.. the Holy Spirit led me to this page and i followed His direction..

ciao xx
from australia Oct 2007

Aliaslos said...

Hello Mary,

I live in Germany and last time I am worried about what a success has the Zeitgeist movie here. Do you know it?

It is shown in several cities here and is going to be a truth movement symbol.
The movie uses some material from Alex Jones videos - that is OK. But the first part of movie is a New Age and pagan propaganda, where all the infos are completely lied, I proved them...
The maker from Zeitgeist Peter Joseph gives on his homepage sourses for the movie like Helena Blavatsky, Manly P.Hall, Acharya S (aka D. M. Murdock). The first two were high degree freemasons, Acharya S is a New Ager.
About New Age movement, I found out that the founder was Alice A. Bailey, an occultist and also a freemason.

I just wrote these infos to Alex Jones and cannot wait to see what/whether he answers.

God bless you,

lovly rita said...

I agree with alot of Alex Jones information. I believe that he went into the Bohemian Grove and I am not surprised that our world leader are oviously satinists.It does not surprise me that they are in all likly hood killing children. I mean in the spiritual realm what good would a mock sacrifice do? The evil that is carried out is what is causing them to become stronger. This all must take place although I do admit it is very difficult to watch it all take place. As a Christian I do not fear as God has told me not to. Alex however shows a great amont of fear as is so apparent in watching him. Would he be so afraid if he were a True Christian? I do not think so personally. Poor Guy ! I thing we should keep him in our prayers.

abigail said...

The first time I listened to Alex Jones, something in my spirit clicked. Something didnt seem right and i didnt understand why so i continued to listen. The Holy Spirit is never wrong. As a true believer in the Most High God, i have realized that his teachings are not in line with biblical teachings. From the inception of time there has been a battle for your souls. Power vs power. Spiritual powers that is. God and the devil. The bible warns us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, put principalities, powers and spiritual powers in high places. Alex talks about getting guns and arming yourself so that you can fight. Christians know better, i know of a preacher in my own country, who was hated so much for peaching the gospel of Jesus that Satan sent an assassin to kill him. THe assassin when to the church where he was preaching, heard the Gospel and when to the altar for prayers. The preacher wasnt even aware that he was there. After the service the assassin confessed that he had come to kill the preacher, but when he put his hand in his pocket to take out the gun, his hand froze and he couldnt take it out , much less kill him. He confessed that he has an encounter with God and could do nothing else but surrender his life to Christ. If GOd is GOd, he will protect his people, he promised it, and trust me he doesnt lie.

abigail said...

I have watched all his vedios and listen constantly to his internet blog, and like other commentators on this site, i do think that it was God who lead me there for confirmation of my feelings. Alex has alot of information. The information is valuable and interesting, most of which is true. But he teaches indirectly, fear, and reliance on one's own self to change things. THis is DIRECTLY against the teachings of GOd because he states that he has not given us the Spirit of fear, but love power and a sound mind, futher more, he wants us to surrender our will and lives to him so that his name will be glorified, not ours.

When the devil tempted Adam and Even in the garden he used half truth and half lies, this is what Alex is doing. I am not sure he realizes it, but he is an agent of the devil, fullfilling his purpose, and he may or may not know it. But the Bible warns us, that in the last days many will be carried away by false docrines ....

And about all the chemicals in our foods and in the air and all that. That ofcourse is true, but i do remember the word of God stating to pray over everything that we eat so that it will be blessed and santified.

abigail said...

I do not want us to have a defeatist attitude about what is going on in the world, the prophesies will be fulfilled, that is a fact, but GOd said " i searched for a man, someone who will stand on behalf of the nations, but i found none". HE said if my people shall humble themselves and pray then i will hear from heaven and heal thier land. LEt us not throw our hands in the air, but let us do the Will oF God.

I know that i am saying alot but it is really on my heart to say. In a conversation i had with God recently, i asked him why is he taking so long to return, he told me that he is a God of mercy and love, and that every man woman and child in every corner of the earth, must hear of his redemptive word of salvation before he passes his judgement.

abigail said...

Saints Alex Jones is spreading his word all throughout the globe, having millions of listeners, let us do our part, let us fullfill our christian duty and preach the world to the nations. LEt us start by having a personal relationship with God. That is what he is longing for. Why do u think we walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day. he longs for relationship with man. IF this sounds cliche and confusing let me direct you as if is possible. it worked for me

1. GEt connected to God through reading his word ( the bible) and praying ( praying is merely talking to God about everything!)

2. Follow the Word of God, the name Christain was supposed to be an offensive name to people who were like Christ, given to then in Antioch. We know we are true Christians when people who do not believe with God realize the difference in us, and se God through us, and it is only possible when we keep in the Will of God.

3. tell someone about God, start with someone that is suffering, depressed, sick....

4. IF you think that it is hard to do and u are doubting... Pray that God increases your Faith and that he guides you. GOd loves to hear it when we say earnestly and genuinely, " God i can do nothing on my own, i need ur guidance, i need your spirit, i need your strenght, i want to know you so that i can be worthy of you"

Trust me ... I wont tell you anything that i know God cannot do and has not done.

abigail said...

Remain connected to God .... and the Bible specifically tells us that we must study the Word of God to show ourselves approved. Most people do not like the Old King James VErsion of the Bible.... but let me tell you... it is the most effective one to read, because in the translation of the bible, alot of meaning is lost, if you do not understand it when you read it pray that God give u understanding. Even the Devil knows the scriptures,,but there are misteries in there that he doesnt understand. It is like reading a book and calling out all the words, yet the meaning is far from you. REmember we are studying the word so we will need bible dictionaries as well..... so that when other characters like Alex Jones, David Icke and the rest come along.... we can try their spirits to see whether they are of God or the Devil...

may the blessings of the Lord be with you all....

sixbladedknife said...

Very few can make the absolute leap from being a servant of lies to a servant of truth.

Alex Jones, the websites he is associated with, and the information they put out there are a critical stepping stone for many in their awakening.

"Alex has NO clue that all these things MUST take place for Gods` prophecy to be fulfilled."

Perhaps he does realise this? I realise this.

I do not believe it is enough to be saved only to "pray and wait" for the sword to fall.

Dark times are coming, but I hope that I would not be a mere bystander as innocence is defiled in front of me.

If stepping into the fight voids my "ticket to heaven", I surrender it gladly.

There is more than one way to serve.

Check yourselves.

xzar77 said...

I agree with you Mary. In fact, I have felt exactly this way regarding Alex's beliefs for quite some time now.

Whether or not people come to terms with it, the writtings of both Daniel and John (Revelations), inspired by the one true God, must be fufilled.

In responce to the poster above, no amount of force, amount of guns, or amount of organization can conquer the sin nature of mankind coupled with the tireless manipulation of the Anti-Christ.

Only by accepting Jesus Christ as savior, and having a change of mind, will spare you and I from the disaster that will unfold.

I admit, I'm not by any means the best christian in the world, but I love my Lord and I pray for the rapture almost daily.

These things will come to pass- it has been written, so shall it be done.

andy c said...

I found this while checking his facebook profile.
There are a couple of profiles out there, so it may not be the real alex. But if it is, then he has raised up sheep to be slaughtered. There will be a time of trouble.

Daniel 12:1
"And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation [even] to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book."

Unknown said...

it's one word, "update"