Friday, June 22, 2007

Alex says he knows his advertisers, REALLY do you know them Alex??

I am listening to Alex show today 6/22/07. I have not listened in many days but thought I would see what he is up to today.

No doubt we all are under attack by the anti christ servers. But we all need to use our discernment now. (By the way I am directing this towards to Christians. The UNsaved will never understand and they will think the bible is foolish.) We are told to occupy until Christ comes. We are not told to fight. We are to make a stand concerning our faith with no compromise.

Alex has always said that he knows his advertisers very well else he would not allow them to advertise on his show. Today, and I have taped it, one of Alex advertisers is Most Holy Family Monastery. On this site we are told that outside the Catholic church there is absolutely NO salvation. That is different from what the bible says. As a matter of fact that is opposite from what the bible says.

What say you now Alex?? The sad thing is that Alex says he knows he is a Christian. There is NO way that a true Christian can join up with people who pray to the dead and who worship idols.

Wake up folks to Alex Jones. Listen to what he says as well as to what he does. You will know them by the fruits they bare.

We are told that we WILL go through tribulation that we WILL be persecuted in the last days before Jesus returns.

Alex has a passion alright but it is not towards God.

Listen closely to who advertises on Alex show you will soon see truth as to who is not Christian. We, Christians, live in the world but are NOT part of the worldly evil. We have NO part with lies. Some of Alex advertisers lie and you need to be aware of the lies.

Do not allow Alex Jones be the cause of you going to jail. Just because Alex encourages people to jump up in the face of police I suggest you do not. Remember all these things MUST happen before Jesus returns. Get in your bible and get grounded so you can see for yourself what is coming in these last days.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Alex Jones and his new age beliefs

Alex Jones seems to be in lock step with David Lunch. David is a "New Age" believing man. You can google David Lunch and see for yourself.
As a Christian the new age teachings are not acceptable to our bible. Now Alex says he is a Christian BUT his fruits show he is not.
A Christian could never believe in reincarnation as Alex seems to believe. The song that he plays often called the Highwaymen is all about reincarnation from line one to the end of the song.
Alex says he reads the bible and he knows what the bible says. I disagree with what Alex claims. Anyone who is grounded in the bible would never do what Alex Jones does.
Alex Jones has good information but then so do dozens of people. I chose to listen to Alex now I can see why I chose to listen to him. It must be so I could hear for myself what he believes about the Christian belief. Any one can claim to be a Christian and many millions do just this. BUT the proof is what the person actually believes according to the bible. Not to what the world believes but to what the bible says we should believe. The Scripture says that the devils believe and tremble so should we not weigh what anyone says the believe. This is what separates us from the worldly people.
This will ONLY make sense to the person who is a Christian. The worldly people could care less what God says much less what I say. I ask you who say you are Christians to listen carefully to Alex and then do what I did which was to write Alex and warn him about the new age beliefs he has. My e mails never got read OR was read and ignored.
Yes we all hate what is going on with the children by the globalist. Yes we all hate what the globalist are doing to man kind BUT for the Christian we know that things will get worse and worse NEVER better. Gods prophecy will be fulfilled whether we are ready for it to be fulfilled or not.
I think Alex has the perfect chance to warn people to get ready spiritually because of what is coming our way. But instead Alex is scaring people to death.
Pray for Alex Jones that he will come to know Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and that he will warn people while he has the chance. The biggest part of Alex audience probably are not Christian for reason this Alex could reach thousands of people who will spend all eternity separated from God.
I know for a fact that I can not do much to reach people but for those people who claim to be Christian they have the chance of a life time.
We all know that it will not be long before the Internet and radio shows who get some truth out will be shut down. So why not do all we can not to reach the Unsaved people of the world.
Alex is saying as I listen to him "this is the time right now" he mentions all the tings that are going on in the new world order. Yet Alex has NO clue that all these things MUST take place for Gods` prophecy to be fulfilled.
How sad but we as Christians know what to look for . We will pray and wait. We will do all we can to reach the people who do not know God.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Up Date on Alex Jones rage and ranting

As I listen to Alex Jones it seems he has gotten worse. He is so scary that I am concerned about most people who might listen to him. All the ranting and rage that Alex puts out surely must scare some people.
Those people whose heart is hardened all the rage from Alex will not scare them. I have to turn Alex off many times just from the hate that comes through. I feel sorry for Alex as far as the fact that he is not grounded in the bible. Had Alex read ALL the bible he would know the it WILL be God who get revenge on the so called Globalist of the world.
Not Alex or anyone else will get revenge on any one of these who hate our God. It is so sad to hear Alex and the fact that he still has not changed.
Anyone who has any morals hates what is going on in this evil world. We hate what is being done to the innocent children and to the poor people who have no voice to speck up and say what is happening to them and how bad all this is for them.
We all can say that we too agree with Alex that the Globalist are evil. BUT the truth is that things WILL wax worse and worse just as the bible says it will.
As far as taking back America that will be strictly up to God. What if taking back America IS NOT Gods` plan?? What if things really do wax worse and worse as we have been warded about in the bible?? Then what we NEED to do is pray and continue to witness to the lost of this world. Not scare them to death.
For the Believers, we KNOW that God is in His heaven looking down on this earth. He KNOWS every thought that the Globalist thinks. He KNOWS every conversation that is held in secret by the evil ones. Since God already knows the out come of each evil person WHY in this world would Alex OR anyone who knows God get so upset at something that we cannot change.
True that the evil towards the innocent of the world happens daily. Most Americans know about this. But for the Christian, and Alex says he is a Christian, we NEED to do as God says to do which is NOT to worry about things and NOT to be anxious for ANYTHING.
Remember that it will be God Himself who will get revenge on the evil of the world NOT Alex or anyone else.
This again will not make ANY sense to people who are not Christian so I address this letter to those who may need to be encouraged in these last days before Jesus returns.
Turn Alex off if he scares you.
The bible says the first to be cast into the lake of fire are the fearful and the UNbelieving then read on and on about who will be cast into all eternity away from God. ONLY the Believers have any hope. When God told His followers that to be absent in the body is to be with Him that should bring hope to all of us who already know that we will be killed for the name of Jesus. NO fear just hope. God will take care of the evil people.