Friday, June 22, 2007

Alex says he knows his advertisers, REALLY do you know them Alex??

I am listening to Alex show today 6/22/07. I have not listened in many days but thought I would see what he is up to today.

No doubt we all are under attack by the anti christ servers. But we all need to use our discernment now. (By the way I am directing this towards to Christians. The UNsaved will never understand and they will think the bible is foolish.) We are told to occupy until Christ comes. We are not told to fight. We are to make a stand concerning our faith with no compromise.

Alex has always said that he knows his advertisers very well else he would not allow them to advertise on his show. Today, and I have taped it, one of Alex advertisers is Most Holy Family Monastery. On this site we are told that outside the Catholic church there is absolutely NO salvation. That is different from what the bible says. As a matter of fact that is opposite from what the bible says.

What say you now Alex?? The sad thing is that Alex says he knows he is a Christian. There is NO way that a true Christian can join up with people who pray to the dead and who worship idols.

Wake up folks to Alex Jones. Listen to what he says as well as to what he does. You will know them by the fruits they bare.

We are told that we WILL go through tribulation that we WILL be persecuted in the last days before Jesus returns.

Alex has a passion alright but it is not towards God.

Listen closely to who advertises on Alex show you will soon see truth as to who is not Christian. We, Christians, live in the world but are NOT part of the worldly evil. We have NO part with lies. Some of Alex advertisers lie and you need to be aware of the lies.

Do not allow Alex Jones be the cause of you going to jail. Just because Alex encourages people to jump up in the face of police I suggest you do not. Remember all these things MUST happen before Jesus returns. Get in your bible and get grounded so you can see for yourself what is coming in these last days.